Monday, July 11, 2011

The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion Press RElease

Back on Vinyl and Right with God Vinyl Re-issues of Three Blues Explosion Classics Available NOW!!!
OrangeExtra Width, and Now I Got Worry in their Purest Form!

The is Blues is still No. 1!!!
Due to popular demand, the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion's Holy Trinity of avant-punk and revolutionary, gut-busting grooves are available once again in their original vinyl formats — spectacularly re-mastered and and sounding tougher than ever.
These are the records that made the Blues Explosion's bones as the kings of damaged and dangerous rock'n'roll!
Featuring the hits "Afro," "Bellbottoms," "Wail" and "Two Kinds of Love," these three slabs tore through the earnest ennui of 1990s alt-rock shlubbery with their razor-blade riffs and dirty delta revelations and made the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion the hottest band on the planet! Dig it…
Even if you had been tuned into the Blues Explosion's first jagged, high-energy outings, there was nothing that could have prepared you for Extra Width…. "Afro" was the beginning of the revolution, the first truly indelible song by the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, and anyone looking for meaning in the lyrics is just asking for a sonic cock-tease of Deep Throat meets Raw Power proportions…. This is rock'n'roll so primal that it obviates the need for literate touchstones.
The Blues Explosion's acknowledged masterpiece, a primer in the art of being flashy without being gaudy —The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion took that old time religion and hit it with high-powered microwaves. They cooked the blues from the inside out, radiating that shit until you had to clean it off the walls.
Given the long shadow of Orange, it is no wonder that it took a moment for Worry to find its way into the canon, but these days it rates as many fans' favorite Blues Explosion record, putting into sharp relief the two sides of The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion — the immediacy of their show, the fireball-throwing soul revue that helped make them the most feared band on the scene — and Spencer the meticulous artist who pays attention to every detail in crafting astonishingly complex and very personal records.
Friends, this is the real shit. Genuine rock'n'roll record albums, big enough to clean your stash on! Each one is twelve big inches of hot, shiny black vinyl, and guaranteed to get the party started! Get with Side A.. and then flip it over and dig Side B! That ain't retro, baby, that is bona fide! You can watch the needle in the groove… you can actually see the magic!
Says Mr. Jon Spencer: "This is the way these records were intended to be heard. This is the way God wants them."