Thursday, January 6, 2011

::Gogol Bordello:: 15 December – O2 Academy Brixton

If ever there was a band that HAS to be seen live, it’s Gogol Bordello. The New York based troubadours are well known for their performances, combining everything from flamenco to punk into a world music stew. With support on the night from Alain Johannes and DaVotchKa, the evening begins on an eclectic note, but the crowd has defiantly come to see the headliners.

From the first chord that rings out across the sold out arena all chaos seems to break, lifting the crowd off their feet. Frontman Eugene Hutz is passionate and charges the stage like a man possessed – before I’ve had the chance to blink the opening number is done and the deafening roar of the crowd. The stage is set, the spell has begun. For the next 110 minutes the band delivers the high energy performance that has become so synonymous with the transcontinental husters.

Kudos must go to violin player Sergey Ryabtsev who is not only a virtuoso but highly entertaining and at 52 years old he is much more energetic than some school children.

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