Friday, January 7, 2011

Things to look forward to in 2011

2011 is promising to be a pretty interesting year - now I realise that that may seem a little cliche but just take a look at what I've sniffed out of the gossip columns.

WE've got new albums coming out from alternative queen PJ Harvey, post grunge kings Foo Fighters, everyone's favorite troubadour Frank Turner, rock supernova Queens of the Stone Age, retro dance-hall star Amy Winehouse, yes yes yes - it's the Beastie Boys, The Strokes and alternative folk's Iron & Wine.

There's also some old favorites that are reunited - the legendary Soundgarden, Britpop pioneers The Kinks and one of my childhood favorites The Stone Roses. Everybody said it would never happen but apparently we're also going to be getting shows and a potential album by legends The Smiths and Suede already has done a few select shows.

Of all the festivals and events going down this year. I'm looking forward to Sonosphere the most - Slayer, Metallica, Megadeth & Anthrax - YES YES YES!!! The Big daddys of thrash are coming to the UK!!! Other gig's I'm planning on getting to include an awesome double bill of Portishead & PJ Harvey, and The Flaming Lips - an act that I've been wanting to see for YEARS!!!

2011 also has some awesome movies coming out. Tin Tin, the Belgian adventurer, directed by Spielburg and produced by LOTR's Peter Jackson, True Grit, the latest installation by the Coen Brothers, Kenneth Branagh's take on the comicbook Thor and a rather interesting looking movie called Cowboys and Aliens starring Harrison Ford.

Apart from that theres a lot of brand new stuff going on so keep tuned and I'll let you know what I'm looking at, but for the mean time here are a few names to keep your ears open for soft and subtle James Blake, beautiful and scary Anna Calvi, sweet and sour Gemma Ray and just downright poetic Ed Harcourt.

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