Sunday, March 13, 2011

Beady Eye - Beatling around the Oasis?

I wish I had Liam’s budget. Big ass production, live videos at Abby Road with the best engineers and camera equipment that money can buy. Throw in a fair amount of industry support and all you have to do is release a mediocre rock record and you’ll sell enough to keep your ass in the best hotel beds for the next few years.
Ok - enough of my jealous bitching. Different Gear, Still Speeding is actually a pretty rad record. The tunes are rocking and rolling, the production is great and the tones are rich and not over produced. There’s no serious lyrical content but I never really wanted that from the ex-Oasis brawler. I wanted songs about sexy girls, fighting and hangovers and that’s pretty much what I got.... and some Beatles lines for good measure.
Listen to it - it may not be the best 60mins of your life but they definitely won’t suck. 

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