Saturday, March 12, 2011

Man Man - potentially the best band in the world.

Man Man is an experimental band from PhiladelphiaPennsylvania. Man Man is known for their exuberant live performances. When performing, the members of the band sometimes synchronize their dress, often seen in white outfits and, more commonly, war paint.
The band uses pseudonyms—the frontman is Honus Honus, and its other members are Pow Pow, Chang Wang, Turkey Moth, and Jefferson.
They're known for their multi instrumental style that centers on the piano playing of lead singer/lyricist Honus Honus accompanied by a wide variety of other instruments played by the rest of the band. On recordings, Honus usually plays piano but during the live shows he uses aRhodes Piano or a Nord Electro 3. Other instruments played by the rest of the band include a clavinetMoog Little Phattysousaphone,saxophonetrumpetFrench hornflutebass clarinetdrum seteuphoniumFender Jazz BassDanelectro baritone guitarxylophone,marimbamelodica and various percussive instruments including pots and pans, toy noise makers, chinese funeral horns, spoons, smashing plates, and fireworks.

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