Thursday, February 17, 2011

Gig Review Rob Zombie - Brixton Academy 16/02/11

Opening act Revoker are kinda funny. They are a hodge podgy of rock n roll cliches and seem to be more interested in getting the crowd "up" than actually staying in time with the drummer (who i would like to add was pretty damn tight). Between the power stances, Les Pauls and well practiced hair flicks the music seems to fade.

Skindred in comparison where almost faultless. From what i had heard i was not expecting much of them but frontman Benji Webb delivered  noteworthy performance in front of a highly receptive audience. They're defiantly worth of headlining their own big shows and even without the trappings of a fancy light show or a single poof from a smoke machine, they manage to deliver an awesome performance.

It's been 11 years since El Beasto graced the shores of England for a performance so naturally the expectations were running high. The band alone was enough to drool over with Slipknot's Joey Jordinson on drums and ex-Manson axe man John 5 bringing the sonic splendour. New addition, bassist Piggy, was unknown to me at the time but definatly left an impression.

I'm well aware of RZ's love of the Alice Cooper show and the rumours of the pryo and monsters that have been shipped here have been spreading for weeks but nothing, oh no nothing, could have prepared me for the heart racing ecstasy that consumed me during the opening number - Jesus Frankenstein.

Flashing lights, fire, beach balls, dancing robots, bubbles, flashing screens, sexy imagery  were all pulled out of the magician's hat. It was such a tour da force of alternative entertainment that it even left El Super Beasto a little short of breath… They delivered all the classics and some more. From Dragula to Pussy Liqueur to the awesome Thunderkiss '65 they were all there - i couldn't think of anything they missed.

Rob Zombie is a showman. A snake oil salesman second to none. His show was a celebration of everything that he stands for. B Grade horror done with A Grade budget. I salute you Sir - it was AWESOME!!!

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