Friday, February 25, 2011

a rant retracted... for now.

ok - a few days ago I had a rant about glam rockers Black Veil Brides. I was put out by what i saw as another pretty boy band from LA that was plopped together to sell mediocre rock music to angry pre-pubescent kids who hate their parents and their school and all the people who don't want to be their friends. Perhaps it disturbed me that in the past i have dated girls that were not as pretty as Andy Six, perhaps I was channelling some kind of failed rock star angst at a group that is doing better than any band I've ever played in, perhaps, well - it could be any number of things...

Anyways. I stumbled upon an interview with Andy where he talks about the bands success and their general work ethic and I can to realise something... I actually agreed with him on a lot of the points and liked his outlook and work ethic. The dudes, although pretty and definitely not making music i would listen to, are actually doing some honest work with a relatively good intention.

It's not shocking, it's not breaking borders but what it is doing is providing a bridge for younger listeners to find new and more dynamic music. Hell - when I was 11 I thought Bon Jovi was the shit - look how wrong I was but if it wasn't for them and their saccarine sweet pop rock I would have never found GnR, then Metallica then GWAR.

So Andy Six and Black Veil Brides - I apologise. For now.

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