Monday, February 14, 2011

Honey bee honey bee - where fore art thee?

ok - just a thought:

1/3 of global farm output depends on animal pollination - mostly honey bees. These foods are the providers of 35% of out minerals, vitamins and and the other stuff that you need to survive.

The thing is - the bees are dying or being killed.

Just check the news reports for these natural phenomena. It could be a virus, a parasite or some kind of pesticide but the ultimate outcome is that the population of bees is falling at an alarming rate.

There may just be a food revolution around the corner… just saying.

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callygator said...

its supposedly a pesticide that dis orientates the bees and they get a bit wired and cant find their way back to their hives. Its a grand fack up. I think the worst thing is that the famrers who use these pesticides are aware of it but contiue to use them. :( bastardos...